Plastic steel and broken slot aluminum

2013-04-22 11:39:09

I suggest using plastic steel better selection:
1, good sealing: the actual use regardless of the outdoor storm, the interior is not leaking and implicit water, to overcome the defects of aluminum alloy rectangular assembly with tapping screws. Another rubber seal, the pressure in the glass around the inner and outer seals, plastic-steel windows having a better sealing performance, and the heat transfer coefficient of the profile itself Male aluminum 1/1250, 1/357 of the steel.

2, thermal insulation: the leak of the users who are most afraid of air conditioning and heating using heating and cooling caused by the waste of electrical energy. Plastic-steel windows and good sealing performance, to overcome the shortcomings of the other doors and windows, thermal insulation, to prevent leakage of air conditioning and heating. Heat transfer coefficient K ≤ 2.5W / m K.

3, lower noise: plastic-steel windows in addition to the two main characteristics of sealing, thermal insulation, but also reduce the noise (noise ≤ 30db), especially living in the side of the highway or residents living in noise, environmental miscellaneous having the function to reduce noise in decibels. If the conditions, installing insulating glass better.

4, corrosion anti-aging: plastic steel into a variety of the plasticized, anti-aging additives, not only anti-corrosion anti-aging, does not change color, but also has a certain fire, smoldering function. Off aluminum tank is a new material, in recent years, mainly aluminum material, the middle sponge layer, can ease the noise, and the vacuum glass support, can effectively reduce outside noise effects on the indoor. But because of new products, the price is more expensive, plastic steel, so use at home, a little is not worthwhile.